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Veterinary Medical & Surgical Care

Solve your pet's health problems with care and treatment from The Pet Clinic, Inc. We specialize in veterinary medical care for dogs and cats. From vaccinations to veterinary surgical care, we perform the necessary procedures to restore your pet's health. Preventative care is available to avert the onset of many conditions.

Pet Boarding & Grooming

Our full-service facility satisfies many of your animal care needs, including pet boarding and grooming. When you board your pets with us, they stay in a climate-controlled environment for comfort. We also have a brand-new, state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor run for animals to exercise in. To complement our veterinary and boarding services, we provide animal supplies for pet owners.

Call us at (941) 745-1875 to schedule an appointment at our animal clinic in Bradenton, Florida, for compassionate veterinary services.


 American Boarding Kennels Association


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American Kennel Club

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About Us

Show your dog or cat some extra love with veterinary care from our animal clinic in Bradenton, Florida. The Pet Clinic, Inc. is a veterinarian-owned-and-operated facility that has served pets and their owners in East Manatee County since 1986. On-staff veterinarian, Dr. Paul Gartenberg, provides animal care expertise at very reasonable prices.

Animals Are Closely Supervised
- Proof of Vaccination Required

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